20 January 2015

What happens when you tell a woman who ignores you that you aren't even that interested?

In the west, it is apparently acceptable for the woman to charge after you, get in your face and try to grab and twist your nipples. The bartender will see the episode and fail to take action against the woman. You, on the other hand, will be escorted out of the establishment by the bouncer.

Imagine the roles were reversed; a women walks away from you, but you follow her, get in her face and grab and twist her body. Tell me: what happens?

It's time for a serious dialogue in this country about the growing sociopathy of "the fairer sex", their cunning retreat to the "I'm just innocent and dainty" cultural stereotype whenever it suits them and the gender bias regarding acceptable behavior; incidents such as this only reinforce the mania of western women in their belief that they are never at fault and free to act out their emotions without any accountability. How far will it go, and what role does it play in the increasing nihilistic and apathetic view of men towards the society that fosters and endorses women such as this?